Calvary Biomedical LLC is a full service Biomedical and Imaging repair company. Calvary Biomedical provides service in the following states Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.  No matter the size of your facility we can meet your needs. Calvary Biomedical provides service for: Large Medical Facilities, Acute Care, Rehab Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Doctors Offices and Clinics.

Calvary Biomedical understands medical facilities need to lower the costs for their biomedical service and management of their medical equipment.

With experience leadership and knowledge of the biomedical industry, Calvary Biomedical will examine your current policy and procedures to find the most cost effective solutions for your facilities; Calvary is confident that our proposed services will effectively address your needs. Our goal is to design a plan that fits your specific needs and is free of any hidden fees or costs. By availing our services you will:

• Be assured  all of your equipment will exceed JCAHO and CMS required standards

• Detailed Reporting for all:
* Corrective maintenance
* Preventative maintenance
* Add, Delete, Change
* Move (Relocate an asset)
* Decommission

Our unique ability to reduce expenses, and our successful track record in contract renewal, makes us an enviable partner for each individual facility.

The accurate and reliable operation appropriate of clinical (diagnostic and therapeutic) equipment is vital for the proper functioning of any health care facility. Calvary Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Programs will ensure your equipment remains as such.